Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Quality system and enviroment policy.

As a leading company in the self-driver car rental sector in the Canary Islands, management of GRUPO CABRERA MEDINA is fully aware of the benefits offered by improving quality and preventing pollution at all levels of the organisation. Considering that we are in a privileged position to foster such changes, we have committed to undertaking efforts to offer the knowledge and infrastructure we have acquired over the years and join forces to create a Quality, Environment and Safety System based on the requirements of UNE-EN-ISO 9001 (2015) and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 (2015), and ISO 45001:2018 Standards.

The system put in place aims to ensure conduct that is conducive to guaranteeing the services provided and respecting the environment, acting as a driving force, guide and fine example of compliance with an obligation and responsibility that concerns all levels and all members of the company, working towards total quality and aimed at complete customer satisfaction - both internal and external - through compliance with requirements in terms of services, products, deadlines and dates. With that in mind, the priority objectives for the Management System are as follows:

Objectives of the quality system and enviroment policy

  • Compliance with all applicable legal requirements and regulations, as well as other requirements accepted by the organisation.
  • Guaranteeing quality in all services offered.
  • Ongoing improvement of the procedures put in place, the services offered, and environmental and safety actions, adapting ourselves at all times to the needs of demand and market requirements.
  • Efficient management and control of all processes.
  • Efficient allocation of duties and responsibilities so that the concept of quality, environment and safety is present at all levels and in all activities.
  • Prevention and reduction of the environmental impacts of our activities and the deterioration of the health and safety of our employees, such as those stemming from the production of waste or noise, as an integral part of our daily work by streamlining the consumption of natural resources.
  • Spreading the principles applied to our company to suppliers and contractors, making them a part of our Quality, Environment and Safety Policy.
  • Raising awareness and boosting motivation in staff regarding the importance of implementing and developing a Quality, Environment and Safety System, guaranteeing their training for the correct performance of their tasks within the organisation.

This policy must be understood and assumed by all employees of GRUPO Cabrera Medina and our partners. Furthermore, it will be made available to anyone showing an interest in it.

Based on these guidelines, Management reiterates its firm commitment to ensuring compliance with this policy and regularly revising its content, joining forces to achieve these objectives.

Managing Director
July 2020