Yoga in Fuerteventura: a special experience


Yoga in Fuerteventura: a special experience
The practice of yoga has generally been associated with the care of the body through relaxation exercises. However, it is more than that it is an experience where a human being discovers him or herself, experiencing unusual levels of harmony and relaxation. Now, imagine a yoga retreat taking place in Fuerteventura, among the most beautiful of the Canary Islands, in the restorative freshness of the Atlantic breeze. There are the most attractive and captivating views you could imagine, plus a uniquely tranquil atmosphere; and if we also add the ease of transfer that a cheap rental car provides here, thanks to PaylessCar Fuerteventura, the result is bound to be an extra-special yoga experience in Fuerteventura.

To start living this experience, we've already decided on the place: the Isle of Fuerteventura, a place many call "The Isle of Tranquillity". We can bring the practice of yoga, whether individually or in groups, in any of its levels and styles: Hatha, Power, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin or Tibetan (on the beach or indoors). We chose cheap car rental in Fuerteventura to avoid dependency on public transport, and finally, we planned a tourist itinerary. This includes trips to cities and small towns, to other places of great scenic charm in particular the spacious beaches of fine white sand that line the east coast, and even places of great cultural significance. We've brought together all the ingredients for a great adventure.

Yoga brings us a very personal experience through its basic elements of concentration, breath control, posture and meditation, aiming to make us feel as one with the full, cosmic nature of reality. In consequence, it improves both mental and physical health remarkably. It would be a poor fit with this ideal had we arrived only to improvise cheap car hire in Fuerteventura, when PaylessCar Fuerteventura already exists. In such a spirit of freedom, we need to move as we desire, without restriction. A cheap rent-a-car in Fuerteventura can be the answer to a sudden wish for a romantic trip with a partner, or taking the family to some attractive spot friends have recommended.

Fuerteventura itself will give you the opportunity to learn many new things about yourself, opening up great new possibilities thanks to the ancient discipline of yoga and the island's unmatched natural environment. You may already have chosen, from the wonderful selection, the luxurious Casa Veda villa in Fuerteventura's north. Alternatively, the multicultural community of Lajares, reachable in just 30 minutes from the airport in your cheap Fuerteventura hire car. You could also be enjoying the outdoor enchantment of an exquisite beach to experience your yoga programme in Fuerteventura. We support and applaud your decision to greatly enhance your life.