Wonder Woman 2 Is Coming to Fuerteventura


Wonder Woman 2 Is Coming to Fuerteventura
Action film lovers are in luck as the famous, superhero, Wonder Woman movie is being filmed in Spain. The second part of this marvelous woman's saga is being filmed in no less than the island of Fuerteventura, a place which has witnessed the birth of many series and films. The area's incredible beaches and natural surroundings are attraction for both tourists and cinematic directors, who wish to make the most of all that this small piece of land, adjacent to the African continent, has to offer. Seize the opportunity to see Hollywood's magic close up, thanks to Fuerteventura's affordable car hire.

The filming of this movie, is the perfect time to visit this magical island. Some tourists feel that getting to the island can be complicated being that they have to arrive by plane and cannot have their car with them. However, the solution to this is PaylessCar; an affordable car hire service which caters for the needs of all types of families and situations.

The filming sets for Wonder Woman 2 are located in three areas of the island: in Pájara, in the Parque Tecnológico and in La Oliva. The first of these is a small place which can be reached via the FV-30 road. The second is on the opposite side of the island, nearby La Asomada and Los Estancos. Finally, La Oliva is a rural area in the central area of the island, which can be reached via roads FV-10 or FV-102.

Although the island of Fuerteventura is not too large for some tourists who wish to explore it on foot, many areas are difficult to reach without using an affordable car hire service in Fuerteventura.

For a long time now, this island has been a sought after location for those wanting to film a movie, a series or even a commercial. Some of these have left emblematic locations etched in our memories, which we can be easily visited with one of the cheap rent-a-car services available in Fuerteventura. The roads of the island are comfortable for those who travel by private car, with journey times rarely exceeding two hours.

Therefore, consider planning ahead in order to find out what companies like Payless Car Fuerteventura have to offer you, and setting out on an adventure to explore incredible set locations of films such as Ridley Scott's "Éxodus", Robert Zemeckis's "Allied" or Gerardo Olivares's "El faro de las orcas".