Wine and sport, the WineRun 2018 in Lanzarote


Wine and sport, the WineRun 2018 in Lanzarote
Photo: WineRun Lanzarote

The WineRun, combining gastronomy and sport, takes place within the La Geria area of Lanzarote and aims to save the wine-making culture that exists in that part of the island. La Geria, situated in the centre of Lanzarote between Uga and San Bartolomé, is the site of several vineyards that thrive in rich volcanic soil and which produce some excellent wines. Taking advantage of a cheap rent-a-car service in Lanzarote will allow travellers to experience the WineRun, accessible via an almost deserted road, for themselves when the next event occurs in the June of 2019.

A portion of the fees, paid during the registration process, will help to cover the cost of maintaining La Geria’s wine valley and can also be used to fund social projects that will benefit the local people. The purpose of the WineRun is to preserve the area for the benefit of all, to ensure the upkeep of the vineyards, to promote the local wine-making industry and to provide employment for groups of people who are at risk of social exclusion.

WineRun 2018, occurring on the weekend between the 16th and 17th of June, started with the Traditional Cooking Festival that allowed visitors as well as residents of la Geria to experience the local cuisine while enjoying a celebratory atmosphere. The event was organised by the Council of Lanzarote, the local authorities in control of the Municipality of Yaiza and the Wine Regulating Council of Lanzarote.

Those who wish to experience the natural beauty of La Geria and discover the local wines, made from grapes that are grown in the rich volcanic soil that is characteristic of the area, should enlist the help of a cheap car rental service in Lanzarote to enjoy all that the island has to offer. Payless Car Lanzarote, providing an exemplary service throughout the Canary Islands, allows travellers to explore the local surroundings with the greatest freedom and confidence.

The event, funded by those who register to participate in the weekend’s activities and by the consumption of food and drink that occurs over the two days, plays an important role in the process of saving the local area. Save La Geria, the project that seeks to rejuvenate natural areas while promoting the interests of local people and the industries in which they work, relies on wine tourism to maintain the landscape and to preserve the local wine-making tradition.

Lanzarote, known for its windy conditions and lack of rain, had been an unsuitable environment for the cultivation of vineyards until the eighteenth century. Volcanic eruptions, occurring from 1730 until 1736, deposited layers of mineral-rich ash which allowed the soil to retain more water and provided suitable growing conditions for the cultivation of grapevines. Grapes, originating in the wine valley of La Geria, ferment into a unique wine that is of exceptional quality.

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