Vegetarian food in Fuerteventura


Vegetarian food in Fuerteventura
People who decide to follow a diet like vegetarianism or veganism make it for politic, environmental or ethical reasons. On a vegetarian diet is completely forbidden to eat any meat, fish or chicken and vegetarians defend a plant-based diet (fruits, veggies, legumes, etc.) combine with animal by-products (milk, eggs, cheese, honey, etc.). For the last few years, it has been shown how this diets affect the health positively by reducing cholesterol levels, blood pressure, or even, the chances of suffering colon cancer.

It’s possible to travel without giving up your diet

However, vegetarians face a difficult problem while traveling because it’s not always so easy to find vegetarian options or specific vegetarian restaurants in the countries you’ve decided to spent your holidays in. When travelling to the Canary Islands, you won’t have to face this issue. Thanks to the flow of travelers, the islands are constantly in contact with the new tendencies and needs of the modern tourists. Down below we’ll explain to you where to find the best options of vegetarian food in Fuerteventura. Prepare the car’s keys, we’re about to start a route across Fuerteventura for every vegetarian foodie out there!

A magnificent propose, vegetarian menu in Fuerteventura

Every good traveler adores to appreciate the gastronomy of the places they visit. Some of the most famous plates of the islands are naturally suitable for vegetarians.

For instance, the well-knowns are: ‘papas con mojo’ -a plate made out of boiled potatoes with with a spicy sauce- or the huge variety of local cheeses. Although, we must say that due to the fact that the islands are close to the sea, there’s a big amount of plates that are made with fish and seafood, which aren’t allowed on a vegetarian diet.

You won’t need to only go to vegetarian restaurants, we’ll explain to you some vegetarian options that can be easily found and you will love for sure!

You can always find delicious vegetarian food in Fuerteventura! Fishing areas -such as Corralejo or Puerto del Rosario- are the perfect places for trying out the ‘papas con mojo’ served with a cup of wine and maybe other vegetarian plates you can find in every menu. We recommend you to try: ‘pimientos de padrón’ (small green peppers), salads, veggie croquettes, fried cheese with jam or, even, fried aubergine. Anyway, we invite you to talk with the waiters for them to advise you about the selection of vegetarian plates on the menu.

The best awarded cheeses on the world

As we said before, across Fuerteventura you’ll be able to find little establishments called ‘queserías’, where you’ll try local cheeses. Fuerteventura is known by its big and tasty variety of cheeses. The most famous ‘queserías’ on the island are: Quesería El Convento, la Quesería la Villa y el Museo del Queso Majorero

¡Ah! And don’t forget about to enjoy in your hotel the magnificent pairing of a local cheese and a bottle of wine of one of the other islands , Lanzarote.

If you have the chance of cooking in the place you’re staying in, we suggest to visit during the first hours of the day a traditional market in Fuerteventura. Undoubtedly, you’ll find fresh ingredients for cooking delicious meals and you’ll have the opportunity of getting in touch with the locals and knowing their habits. If you’re staying in the north, visit Mercado Artesanal de Los Lajares.

Multiple options of vegetarian food in Fuerteventura

There’re numerous options of vegetarian food in Fuerteventura: from restaurants with unconventional recipes to international restaurants. Try out every plate of vegetarian food offer by this restaurants. There’re three towns which offer the biggest selection of vegetarian restaurants: Morro Jable, Puerto del Rosario and Corralejo.

Here we present a small group of all the vegetarian places you can find across Fuerteventura:

- In Morro Jable, visit Simon’s Kitchen, an american style restaurant with impossible burgers, or Alacena34, a restaurant more elegant with sophisticated, vegan and glutenfree options.

- In Puerto del Rosario, we invite you to go to the gastro bar La Jaira de Damien, which has vegetarian options and offers to their clients special experiences. In this town, you could also try out a refreshing fruit juice at Delicias y Namaste Fuerteventura.

- In Corralejo, due to the young and surfing vibe, it counts with a bigger selection of vegetarian restaurants. Here, we recommend Land Of Freedom Tapas Bar, so you can enjoy a wine pairing.

Your life’s style won’t stop you from enjoying the wonderful island of Fuerteventura. Taste it textures on this route of vegetarian restaurants that we have prepared for you, while you discover its endless beaches and crystal clear waters. Bon appétit!