Vegan and vegetarian options in Lanzarote


Vegan and vegetarian options in Lanzarote
Belonging to the Canarian archipelago, Lanzarote has become a special destination for lovers of nature and healthy living. More and more people visit this place just to walk and run among its magical landscapes. Many of its attractions are quite far from each other, therefore, the cheap car rental in Lanzarote is one of the best options to get around the island. In addition, Lanzarote is also an excellent place to enjoy the best selection of foods and vegan dishes, many of them made with local products that provide a particular and indigenous charm. Lanzarote has everything to be unforgettable and special!

At the beginning of the day you must provide your body with enough energy to start your tour of the city. A dish that consists of cereals and fruits will be the ideal choice for your first meal. There are innumerable options for breakfast with fruits and cereals in Lanzarote, but Mumbai Masala is for many the ideal option. This restaurant has two locations in Puerto del Carmen, and it is easy to get to thanks to the cheap rent-a-car in Lanzarote PaylessCar. Mumbai Masala provides dishes for all tastes, even for the most demanding vegan palates it provides a wide selection of recipes from India. After leaving one of these magnificent restaurants you can go to Costa Teguise with your cheap rental car in Lanzarote.

Costa Teguise is one of the most emblematic places on the island. You will not need to forget your diet or have to wait long hours to eat a delicious vegan dish, since the Habana 6 restaurant will be waiting for you when you arrive with your cheap rent-a-car in Lanzarote so you can enjoy one of its excellent preparations. Habana 6 provides a tropical menu with Mediterranean influences, it is a fresh and jovial option that you should choose on the route you are going to travel through Lanzarote. Another excellent option in Costa Teguise is Dolmen, a restaurant with Mediterranean food that has an extensive menu of salads and vegan recipes. They use various Italian spices, which provide strong flavours and character to the recipes.

The cheap car rental Lanzarote is very useful to get around at night and enjoy a delicious vegan dinner. In the Simple & Natural Restaurant at Playa Blanca you can eat something light and vegan. But if you are one of those who prefers a more copious dinner, you can take the cheap rental car from PaylessCar and head to Oriental World in Puerto del Carmen. The sautéed vegetables and rice noodles are simply exquisite.

Lanzarote is a destination that offers the best dining options for all audiences, here vegan and vegetarians can have multiple options.