The untold story of Isla de Lobos


The untold story of Isla de Lobos
With one of our low cost rent-a-car vehicles in Fuerteventura you can go to the island of Lobos. This islet, located in the heart of the Canary Islands, facing Corralejo, is one of the natural jewels of the "Fortunate Islands". It boasts its own catalog of attractions: volcanic landscapes, idyllic beaches, natural pools, fishing huts, beautiful salt flats, cute restaurants ... Enjoy the authentic natural backwater of this Canary Island with your rented vehicle from Payless Car - a destination that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime.

With one of our vehicles from the cheap car rental service in Fuerteventura you can get from any point of the Canary Island to the port of Corralejo, where the boats that go to the islet of Lobos depart. This beautiful natural redoubt, which owes its name to the fact that in the past it was inhabited by monk seals (popularly known as sea lions), is found inside the natural park of the same name. Therefore it is the ideal place to isolate yourself from stress and the accelerated pace of the city to enjoy Mother Nature in its broadest sense, as it is one of the most virgin and wild volcanic in the Canary Islands. Enjoy Fuerteventura with your Payless Car rental vehicle at one of the natural treasures of this island.

A unique wooden dock, a cabin -which serves as an interpretation center- and the statue of two wolves welcome visitors who arrive in this Canarian paradise. Those who prefer to relax can go directly to La Concha beach which is covered in coarse sand blankets with black scree, and is bathed by the peaceful waves of the sea and where the only sounds you can hear are the birds and the soft beat of the waves.

Another option is to travel in one of the vehicles from our cheap car rental service to Puertito. This sandy area is lined with beautiful natural pools of turquoise blue, where you can enjoy a swim with rich sea beds which is ideal for snorkeling or diving.

Those who really want to get to know the island have the option of traveling the path that circles the island through a unique landscape reminiscent of Mars. On your way you can see the Caldera volcano which can be climbed and from where the views are spectacular, the Martiņo lighthouse and countless hot springs and small volcanoes. Enjoy Fuerteventura with your Payless Car rental vehicle from the small fishing village of Puertito which is located in the southern part. Among its narrow streets you will find some small uninhabited houses overlooking the Atlantic, a charming jetty and a restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious fish of the day with unique views.