The three dishes you have to try during your visit to Lanzarote


The three dishes you have to try during your visit to Lanzarote
The long-awaited holiday is almost here...finally, a few days to relax and do some of your favourite things: sleep, go to beach! Food plays an enormous part in any holiday. Payless, your cheap car hire compay in Lanzarote, wants to give you tips on the three unique dishes from Canary Island cooking that will put the perfect finishing touch to your stay on the island. Do you want to find out what they are? Make a note of these!


Red sea bream is one of the most common fish around the islands. It has a delicate taste and a succulent texture. For that reason, one of the best ways to eat it is simply covered in salt and baked in the oven. Itís absolutely delicious when served with roasted vegetables and some wrinkly potatoes (papas arrugadas). The best way to experience a high quality red sea bream is to take your cheap hire car in Lanzarote to the islandís coast, preferably somewhere that isnít swamped with tourists, like Punta Mujeres or Arrieta. Enjoy with a glass of white wine and savour the wonderful taste.


For many people, the idea of eating goatís meat is a surprise. Itís certainly true that the intense flavour and fatty texture of this meat isnít to everyoneís taste. Cooking goatís meat is not at all easy, it requires patience and care, but done well the results are fantastic. Itís usually served with wrinkly potatoes, which can be dipped in the sauce from the stew. Inland areas such as Femťs are well known for this dish, so we recommend taking your cheap hire car in Lanzarote for a trip to one of these places. Your energy levels will rise, and youíll love the flavour!


Our final suggestion is also from the sea. Common limpets are a common feature of the islandersí diet, and are prepared in a variety of different ways. The most common is grilled, covered in a delicious green sauce made from coriander. Theyíre on the menu at any restaurant along the coast. Enjoy with a cold drink and salad and youíll be ready to continue your adventure to the many amazing places this island has to offer with your cheap hire car in Lanzarote.