The story of -El Charco de San GinÚs-


The story of -El Charco de San GinÚs-
Photo: Balou45

Few people imagine that in a destination characterised by a volcanic and rugged landscapes there may be an oasis like El Charco de San GinÚs. This lagoon, located in the bustling town of Arrecife, offers an idyllic picture: dozens of fishing boats, small houses that are reflected in the calm waters, a promenade inviting you to relax ... Today Payless, your cheap rent-a-car in Lanzarote, can tell you the story behind El Charco de San GinÚs. Discover it and remember to visit it with your rental car in Lanzarote!

El Charco de San GinÚs is located in the heart of Arrecife and is the gateway to the historic center of the city. Its origin goes back six centuries. At that time, the bay was formed as a small natural fishing port that allowed boats to shelter from the ravages of the sea, in a quiet and safe environment. Ship's cargo arrived here, indispensable to the people of the island, providing them with food and even water. It is important to note that in the year 1400 the capital of Lanzarote was Teguise, and that Arrecife was only a trading area. However, the growing importance of the lagoon, as well as the friendlier climate and the better road connections, made Arrecife cement itself as the most important city on the island. Little by little, pirate attacks decreased and the Castillo de Guanapay, the main fortress of Arrecife, was transformed into an architectural element full of history. In turn, in 1630 the Parish of San GinÚs emerged, which ended up giving the justification for the city to become a capital, an event which occurred in the nineteenth century.

Today, Charco de San GinÚs welcomes all tourists who want to explore the streets and alleyways of Arrecife. You will find many shops, cafes and restaurants hidden away here, which makes it a perfect area to unwind and spend a few days of leisure and relaxation. Photographing their white houses, strolling along the shore while watching the busy activity of the fishermen and enjoying a beautiful sunset are just a few of the wonders you can experience if you head here with your affordable rental car in Lanzarote. Do not miss the opportunity and discover one of the most magical beauties of this warren-like island capital!