The legacy of Cesar Manrique


The legacy of Cesar Manrique
Cesar Manrique is one of the most important people in the history of the Canary Islands. Born in Arrecife in 1919, he left a hugely important legacy behind him, and today he is still known and recognised by all residents. His architecture, unique to the islands, is designed to blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings. His undying love and admiration for the islands - in particular Lanzarote - resulted in some of the most amazing architectural marvels that can be seen anywhere in the archipelago. According to Manrique, Lanzarote was "the most beautiful place in the world", and he made it is goal to show this to the rest of the world.

Today, we're going to invite you on a tour of Cesar Manrique's legacy. Get into your Payless low cost rental car in Lanzarote and make sure your camera has plenty of batteries, because you're not going to want to miss out on these photos opportunities!

1. Los Jameos del Agua:

this is one of the most visited sites on the island. Located just 40 kilometres from Puerto del Carmen, here you can see an incredible cave that was formed by an eruption of the Corona volcano.

2. Mirador del Rio:

the views from this scenic lookout point will give you a glimpse of some truly breathtaking landscapes. The Atlantic Ocean, the island of La Graciosa, and all the tiny islands nearby...400 metres above sea level, this lookout point gives you the chance to see something unforgettable.

3. Casa Museo de Cesar Manrique (museum):

The architect lived here until the 1980s, and in recent years, the building has been converted into a foundation dedicated to preserving his work. To get there, you'll need to get into your rental car and head for the town of Haria. Here you can admire the paintings, sculptures and architectural masterpieces that Manrique produced, with over 4,500 examples to be seen.

4. Jardin de Cactus (cactus garden):

this was Cesar Manrique's final project in Lanzarote. Here, visitors can appreciate the sheer multitude of species of cactus on display - some native to the islands, others from further afield.

5. Horno Asador El Diablo:

Inside Timanfaya National Park, this restaurant really mustn't be missed. The amazing thing about this restaurant is its oven, which is neither electric nor gas...instead, it is heated by the volcanic rock. The result is some spectacular food and an unforgettable experience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover all of Cesar Manrique's masterpieces during your visit to the island. Reserve your low cost rental car in Lanzarote today!