The Lanzarote Visual Music Festival


The Lanzarote Visual Music Festival
Photo: Joaquín Vera

The Festival of Visual Music of Lanzarote is an event that celebrated its fifteenth edition in 2018. Ildefonso Aguilar created this event in 1989 with the sole intention of mixing music with a surprising natural environment. Hence, creating a different visual experience. To get to the scene where this event takes place, you will only need a cheap vehicle in Lanzarote.

During the Lanzarote Visual Music festival, you can admire the artistic evolutions of the most prestigious musicians. These musicians still bet on the avant-garde and the difference. The legendary Brian Eno is one of the main supporters of this appointment with music and art.

Your cheap rent-a-car car service in Lanzarote will be perfect to get to the natural scenarios like the Jameos del Agua. If you prefer to attend the concerts of the Cueva de los Verdes, a cheap car rental service in Lanzarote will work well in less time and in a comfortable way. You are also advised to have a Lanzarote payless car to access other strategic points of the festival. Some of the notable locations include Volcano del Cuervo and Playa del Reducto.

The affordable rent-a-car services in Lanzarote are also ideal for traveling to Teguise San Francisco and Santo Domingo, where you can enjoy the musical performances. In 2018, the 12 Ensemble, Manuel Rodríguez, Bruno Chevillon, and Kristjan Randalu among other performances took over the Teguise.

The most exciting thing about this cultural proposal is the power almost to touch the music and not to present each concert in the classic festival setting. This is the only way to fuse sound with the magic of the environment. This makes each attendee turn his perception into a passage to a unique sensory experience.

Both its founder and the participating musicians appreciate that Lanzarote is such a different and unique island. The volcanic environment is vital when it comes to creating a much more intense and full sensation. Thanks to this symbiosis between nature and music, magical moments are formed, and the attendees can never forget the event.

The cheap car rental Lanzarote can become, therefore, an option to take into account after acquiring your ticket for this festival. Do not hesitate to book a few days of October next year so you don't miss this unique opportunity. Its the only chance you have to enjoy the musical avant-garde and the charms of an island that continues to amaze everyone who visits it. The place is magical and an essential environment to relax in as you experience new sensations.