Holy Week in Gran Canaria: The Churches of Vegueta.


Holy Week in Gran Canaria: The Churches of Vegueta.
Holy Week is passionately celebrated in many parts of Spain. Processions of different brotherhoods are followed by thousands of faithful and devoted people, as well as by those who see this festival as a popular tradition full of symbolism, taking part from a cultural point of view.

And the Canary Islands are no exception. Although the islands may not have the same level of devotion as some other parts of the country, you’ll still be able to enjoy the spectacle of the Nazarenes and sculptures. Your cheap car hire company, Payless, wants to take the opportunity to give you a brief overview of the most iconic churches in the capital’s Vegueta area, and which days they parade.

- Ermita de San Telmo:

although it’s not technically in the Vegueta area, it’s close by and is one of the area’s most important churches. The Man on the Donkey (Señor en la Burrita) procession starts here on Palm Sunday, and marks the beginning of Holy Week.

- Santa Iglesia Cathedral:

the cathedral’s importance is undeniable. Mass is celebrated inside here every day, with the Solemn Procession of the Most Holy Christ of the Chapterhouse and Our Lady of Sorrow starting there on Good Friday (with the procession’s name in Spanish being: Solemne Procesión del Santísimo Cristo de la Sala Capitular y Nuestra Señora de los Dolores)

- Parroquia de San Francisco de Asís:

this is the starting point for the Magna Interparroquial Procession, which involves both the Parroquia Matriz de San Agustín and the Parroquia de Santo Domingo. This event takes place on Good Friday and involves a procession through the streets of Triana and Vegueta. Devotion and religious sentiment are the main features of this event, which is one of the processions most followed by the local population.

- Parroquia de Santo Domingo:

as well as taking part in the Magna Interparroquial Procession, this is also the beginning of the Our Lady of Sorrows (Nuestra Señora de los Dolores) Procession on Good Friday at 10pm.

As you can see, there are a lot of events planned for Holy Week. If you’re visiting the island and are interested in finding out more about these traditions, make sure you take your cheap hire car in Gran Canaria to the area surrounding Vegueta, where you’ll be able to follow each one of these events from close by.