The sweetest Christmas meals in Lanzarote


The sweetest Christmas meals in Lanzarote
During Christmas time, Lanzarote becomes a sweet destination where to go for tasting some of the most delicious delicacies. The most traditional Christmas recipes can also be found while traveling around with your cheap rental car in Lanzarote.

When talking about Christmas sweets, one of the basis are the polvorones, a little cookie which commonly has three ingredients: butter, flour and sugar. Or maybe the famous King Cake, a round cake garnish with candied fruit and, usually filled with some type of cream.

For finding these delicious sweets, you just have to drive your cheap rental car in Lanzarote to Arrecife and there you’ll have to get to the bakery Tenfis. There, they sell artisanal polvorones of different flavours. Moreover, this bakery even prepares other traditional Christmas recipes such as mixed Christmas sweets or special Christmas cakes of different flavours (truffle, cream, turrón)

Furthermore, we cannot forget that in every bakery they dare to bake the traditional King Cake filled with cream and, in a lot of occasions, the even go further and make changes in the recipe like filling them with turrón, truffle or chocolate.

Apart from the traditional recipes, we also find some products that innovate in flavours or even adaptations for allergy sufferers. So much so that La Morra cellar from Tinajo has created a special drink for this time of the year, a liquor of turrón flavoured with volcanic malvasía. This is a unique liquor on the island and you can buy it in the shop Canary Meat in Playa Honda and in the shop Timple in Playa Blanca, you can move easily to this places thanks to your cheap rental car in Lanzarote.

Another great initiative is the one made in the bakery Valery in Arrecife. Here, they have commercialized the first King Cake in Lanzarote made with no animal products. This King Cake adapts perfectly to the needs of those who are lactose and egg intolerants and also to the people who choose not to eat animal products as vegetarian or vegans do.

With no doubt, Lanzarote is one of the best destinations for spending Christmas time and tasting it to the fullest. This is tour of the best Christmas sweets in Lanzarote for all the tastes so now you only have to fasten your seat belt, turn your cheap rental car in Lanzarote on and dare to taste the sweetest side of this island.