Seafood and fish in Órzola, a village in Lanzarote


Seafood and fish in Órzola, a village in Lanzarote
The fishing village of Órzola is located in the northwest region of Lanzarote. From there, a large number of tourists head to La Graciosa Island, and although this is one of the major tourist attractions of the place, you can not miss visiting Órzola with a cheap rental car from PaylessCar Lanzarote.

Once you arrive in Arrecife, hire the services of a cheap rental vehicle in Lanzarote and take the LZ-1 road that runs parallel to the coast, towards Órzola. You will be impressed by the landscape of the urban nucleus, since you will contemplate the typical white houses with blue contras. These houses blend with the pristine coastline of the area. When you travel with your cheap Rent-A-Car in Lanzarote you can arrive at the virgin white sandy beaches, which are some of the most beautiful on the island.

Head to pristine beaches such as Caletón Blanco, Charco Viejo, Charco de La Condesa and Cantería with a cheap car rental in Lanzarote to enjoy surfing, windsurfing, or bodyboarding. One of the most spectacular places in the area that you can get to with your cheap car rental service in Lanzarote is Los Caletones, the volcanic remains that come from the La Corona volcano, which consists of a series of coves. It is a magical place, with a rugged geography that makes it unique.

Do not miss the opportunity to sample a good piece of fresh fish accompanied by typical potatoes and mojo sauce picón in the vicinity of the fishing port. You can park your cheap rent-a-car in Lanzarote without any problem. Take advantage of the surroundings to go with your little ones to Las Pardelas Park, which is located on the outskirts of town.

To visit La Graciosa Island, which belongs to the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park, take the ferry that departs from the port and enjoy its unspoiled, virgin paradise. The duration of the journey is about twenty-five minutes. There will be moments of tranquility wandering along its paths of earth and stones. Something you can not miss out on is the Mirador del Río to see La Graciosa and Alegranza, an enclave that the architect César Manrique has designed with great success.

Take advantage of the area to reach the volcano of La Corona by parking your cheap rent-a-car from Lanzarote near the Church of Ye. From there you can take a walk on the route that borders the area of the volcano until you reach the crater, which is impressive.

Trust Payless Car service from Lanzarote to tour Órzola and its surroundings, as well as the whole island. Enjoy its striking landscapes and take advantage of your stay to get photos worthy of any postcard.