RUTA 7 has already arrived in Lanzarote!


RUTA 7 has already arrived in Lanzarote!
Photo: Ruta7

Lanzarote is a territory with great vegetation and enviable landscapes, which can easily be covered by Payless Car Lanzarote. However, over the years, progressive urbanization and tourism have deteriorated the territory, making it necessary for programs to recovery and care for the landscape. This is the RUTA 7 project, an idea that has come a long way in recent years.
RUTA 7 is a group of volunteers concerned about the state of the archipelago. Their work focuses on rural areas, where they collect waste and carry out the replanting of local flora. Currently, the project consists of 45 boys and girls who perform care work in the areas most affected by the growing generation of waste produced on the islands.
Lanzarote cheap car rentals allow you to travel to the areas in which these volunteers work. Their first cleaning actions took place in Santa María de Guía, on the island of Gran Canaria. From there, they went to Fuerteventura, where their experience was enriched with talks by professionals about optimism and the communicational power of music. In Lanzarote, they could also move and carry out recovery activities in the area of La Graciosa.

On the 20th, the expedition arrived in Tenerife. There, they focused on eliminating the invasive "cat tail” plant of the beaches, as well as on distributing reusable bags to the population. Finally, the RUTA 7 team arrived at the island of El Hierro, where they spent their last 5 days. They visited the natural pools of La Maceta and found a definitive harmony with the nature of the territory.
Signing up for the RUTA 7 project is a way to contribute to the well-being of nature, but it is also a way to find peace within oneself. Performing acts of kindness without expecting anything in return is an act that is greatly underestimated, but that contributes a lot to the way we feel about ourselves and the world. It should be noted that something as simple as hiring a cheap rental service Lanzarote opens the door for much more action and allows us to easily reach any territory that needs to be rehabilitated.
In short, the option of requesting a cheap car rental Lanzarote with companies like Payless Car Lanzarote will allow you to enjoy some quality time on the island. By having greater mobility, and not depend on public transportation, you can follow the RUTA 7 project every step of the way and even enjoy other leisure and tourism spots. Lanzarote has a lot to offer and all it asks of you is that you respect its ecosystem.