Romantic escape in Fuerteventura


Romantic escape in Fuerteventura
Experiences, thatís everything you need to deeply enjoy with your partner and, with no doubt, those are the best presents you can give to them. Escapes, laughter, sunsets and secretsÖ Discover every magic corner of Fuerteventura and create unforgettable memories with your partner. All thanks to the mobility that offers PaylessCar with their cheap rental cars in Lanzarote.

Calm and peace, thatís what you find when you land in the airport of Fuerteventura, from there and riding your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura you will be able to breathe the energy of the island. For two or three days, you and your partner will enjoy the activities and plans we proposed and even go further and discover by yourself the desertic landscape of this island.

Before even landing in Fuerteventura, get informed about the tremendous variety of hotels you can book. Donít doubt about booking a hotel just for adults with views, in that way you will be guaranteed with the tranquility created by the ocean sound during your stay. Once you have finished booking and have landed, get ready to ride your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura, and letís get started the adventure!

Head to Corralejo for enjoying the Natural Park of Dunas de Corralejo, an infinity sea of sand dunes where to walk and take some of photos that will endure forever in your memories. Go ahead and try the local food, based on fish and seafood always accompanied with some of the best wines of Fuerteventura, or even Lanzarote, the island above.

Isla de Lobos is a must visit. Remember that the only way to visit this paradisiacal island is by ferry, which departs daily from Corralejo. Apart from relaxing in the endless beaches and driving all across with your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura, try to practice an aquatic sport in some of the surf schools of Majanicho. Take this chance for enjoying the sunset while sitting on a surfboard next to your partner or from one of your favourite beach in Fuerteventura.

Give Fuerteventura a chance, enjoy the union of salty water and volcanic rock. This island give us the opportunity of enjoying in the most romantic way the pure and virgin nature.