Puerto del Carmen already has 3 blue flags


Puerto del Carmen already has 3 blue flags
Photo: Oficina Turismo Puerto del Carmen

The Canary Islands are a very popular and valued tourist destination. They are an archipelago that belong to Spain, but are actually closer to the African continent. The islands offer both beach and mountain attractions: on the one hand they have stunning beaches and coasts, while on the other they are volcanic territories with unique flora and fauna.

Among all the tourist attractions that the archipelago has, here we want to highlight Puerto and Carmen Beach. It is a coastal town located in Tías, on the island of Lanzarote. This area is perfect for tourists and at the same time, those who want to benefit from a cheap rent-a-car service in Lanzarote. The municipality has up to 7 kilometres of beaches that can be comfortably explored in a rental vehicle. This is why PaylessCar in Lanzarote offers you numerous options: choose the number of days and the size of the car you will need, and the providers will fulfill your requirements.

The cheap car rental in Lanzarote is key to getting to know its beaches and mountains in depth. Getting to Carmen Beach is easy if you have your own vehicle, and the whole island has an excellent network of roads that border the coast. Although there are small rocky areas that separate the different beaches, they can be easily avoided by taking a small detour with the help of your PaylessCar vehicle.

Thus, Puerto del Carmen is composed of several unique beaches, and up to three of them already have the blue flag. This European recognition qualifies them as some of the safest, cleanest and most environmentally responsible coastal areas that exist today. Some of the resorts that you can not miss visiting thanks to the cheap car rental service in Lanzarote are the Grande Beach, Pocillos Beach, Matagorda Beach and Lima Beach, among others.

Explore these beaches using a cheap rent-a-car service in Lanzarote. This will allow you to relax in the sun and have a swim in the clean waters. You can easily carry out your favourite summer activities, both inside and outside the water.

The gastronomic wealth that you will discover when parking your PaylessCar vehicle in Lanzarote is immense. Hundreds of restaurants and beach bars will welcome you to their venues. In the evening, you can continue partying in one of the many pubs or discos. If, on the other hand, you are looking for activities that allow you to be in touch with nature, each beach has its own rental services for kayaks, surfboards and paddle surfing and small boats. Every Friday, the residents come to life thanks to the municipal street market, and practically all the streets are filled with shopping premises for buying typical local products.

In short, cheap rent-a-car in Lanzarote opens up a world of possibilities in the Canary Islands. Come and discover its charming ports and beaches for yourself.