Paragliding Concentration in El Hierro, a sight worth seeing


Paragliding Concentration in El Hierro, a sight worth seeing
From April 28th to May 1st, the 24th edition of International Paragliding Concentration in the Island of El Hierro was held. A total of 130 paragliders from 14 different nationalities participated in this event.

The El Golfo Valley once again hosted this symbolic concentration, which is characterised by its high participation of paragliders, who were able to enjoy the different activities organised by Guelillas Club and some other island organisors. These paragliders experienced a unique day full of magic and excitement. The residents of Frontera also had a glimpse of the town's wonderful sky painted by the colours of the paragliders, who performed acrobatics from different heights and enclaves much to the amazement of everyone.

The Czech Ondrej Prochazka, and the Frenchman Francois Ragolski, along with members of the Spanish Acrobatic Paragliding Team, were the most awaited and acclaimed participants, both locally and internationally. This is an international event with fans from many cities, who took advantage of the occasion to also explore the area as tourists. Some of these fans also used the services of Payless, a cheap car rental service at El Hierro Airport, benefiting from numerous advantages and facilities such as unlimited mileage or free additional driver.

These spontaneous tourists can tour the many charms of the island, get to know the enormous variety of landscapes and leisure alternatives offered by this sensational destination. To be able to explore every corner, it is best to opt for a cheap rental car in El Hierro in order to be able to move from one point to another with total independence and freedom. The Frontera Rural Park, the Charco Azul, the Lagartario, the Bascos Viewpoint or the natural pools of La Maceta are just some of the most visited enclaves.

It is undeniable that every year, the island of El Hierro becomes an unbeatable event for lovers of this sport, but also for tireless travellers who seek new experiences.

Undoubtedly, this event is one of the most important of the year for the island and a great opportunity for the tourism sector, due to the influx of public that visit it. Remember the dates and enjoy this event next year. Don't forget to book your cheap rental car in El Hierro!