4 natural pools in Gran Canaria that you have to visit


4 natural pools in Gran Canaria that you have to visit
Can you picture yourself taking a refreshing swim in a pool with crystal clear waters? What if this pool was also located in a natural setting and had direct views of the the Atlantic Ocean? This is what awaits you in the north of Gran Canaria, an area well-known for its succession of natural pools that delight swimmers. Come and discover these pools with Payless!

1. Natural swimming pools of Roque Prieto - Santa María de Guía

The natural pools in the north of Gran Canaria start from the town of Santa María de Guía. Remember that in order to explore each and every corner, we recommend that you use a car hire service in Gran Canaria with which you can easily drive from one place to another. To visit Roque Prieto, it is best to do it when the tide is low. This is when the sea is at its calmest, thus allowing the visitor to take a dive without any major complications. The Women and Men pools, named after the two pools, have a depth of maximum 3 metres, although in other areas they barely reach 40 centimetres.

2. Las Salinas de Agaete - Agaete

A visit with your cheap rental car in Gran Canaria to the fishing village of Agaete is a must if you are visiting the island. In addition to enjoying a stroll through its beautiful streets and sampling the delicious fish, in Agaete you can also take a refreshing swim in its incredible natural pools. You can reach the pools after a short walk from the centre of town. The pools are protected from the wind and the tides and offer a sensational view. If you have time, we recommend that you stay to watch the sunset. It will not disappoint you!

3. El Charco de San Lorenzo - Moya

El Charco de San Lorenzo, in Moya, is another natural pool that will leave you speechless. Head to this area with your cheap rental car in Gran Canaria and get amazed by its crystal clear waters and the solarium area. The pool is 75 metres long and 45 metres wide so it is quite spacious. A good plan is to spend the morning in this pool and, after lunch, visit Los Tilos de Moya forest and the lost paradise of Selva de Doramas.

4. Los Charcones - Arucas

Legend has it that Princess Tenesoya swam in the pools of Los Charcones on the eve of the arrival of the conquistadors. We do not know whether this story is true or not, but what is undeniable is that the area invites you to let your imagination run free. The idyllic landscape, together with the vision of the calm blue tide, make the visitors surrender to an incomparable scenery. If you have a cheap rental car in Gran Canaria, we recommend that you visit this pool before visiting Arucas Cathedral - the only cathedral on the island.