3 marine species that you can see in Tenerife


3 marine species that you can see in Tenerife
Canary Islands is located in a strategic point of the Atlantic Ocean through which many species of animals pass and where there is a great quantity of marine life. Thus, many of the tourists who come to spend their vacations here do not hesitate to embark on an adventure and live an unforgettable experience spotting some of the most fantastic animals of the animal kingdom.

The sightings of cetaceans are a common activity in many islands, including Tenerife. It is best to set sail on some of the excursion boats that depart from the southern area. If you have a cheap rental car in Tenerife you will have no problem getting there. Remember that in Payless we have great offers with excellent conditions for you to book your cheap rental vehicle at Tenerife Airport or in the rest of our offices. Otherwise, we recommend you take a look at the different times of public transport.

Once you have reached the landing area, a beautiful crossing awaits you through the clean blue waters of the ocean. Take the opportunity to take pictures, sunbathe and fill your lungs with the soft sea breeze. Of course, do not lose sight of the horizon because, when you least expect it, you can spot some of the most common species in this area of the Atlantic.

Among the most common are the following:

- Bottlenose dolphins: these nice animals can be seen in most outings (approximately in 80-90% of cases). These are very sociable species that will not hesitate to approach the boat. You will enjoy as never before watching their pirouettes and the speed at which they plough through the water.

- Tropical pilot whales (pilot whales): This type of whale is very common in the Canary Islands. They have a length of between 4 and 5 meters and can weigh up to 3,000 kilos.

- Loggerhead turtles: The loggerhead turtle is a species that is present in almost all the oceans of the world. However, this does not make them less fascinating. See them swimming in freedom and even interacting with them is a privilege that is worth experiencing.

After a day at sea, we suggest you finish the day at the beach or with a dinner at a restaurant nearby. Go with your rental car in Tenerife to Los Cristianos or Adeje and put the finishing touch to a journey that, without a doubt, will have been memorable.