The thirtieth anniversary of the Lanzarote Craft Fair


The thirtieth anniversary of the Lanzarote Craft Fair
Photo: Artesanía Lanzarote

One of the most traditional events of the Community of the Canary Islands celebrated its thirtieth anniversary this year. We're talking about the Lanzarote Craft Fair, an event in which the renowned Antonio Lemes was proclaimed as the best craftsman of the year. Come and join the thirtieth anniversary of the Lanzarote Craft Fair.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Lanzarote Craft Fair, the Ministry of Culture and Industry maximised their efforts, with the aim of attracting the largest possible number of visitors, both from the region and from the rest of Spain and abroad. Everyone was able to access the Fair, located in Mancha Blanca (in the municipality of Tinajo), departing from Lanzarote and, a task that is always easier if you hire a cheap rental car in Lanzarote.

About a hundred artisans from the island congregated at the Fairgrounds to exhibit and sell their latest creations. In total, there were 134 stalls (including some information stands) installed in the area, which also paid tribute to the island of Lanzarote, celebrating 25 years since its denomination as a Biosphere Reserve. Attendees could freely move around the city, thanks to the cheap rent-a-car service Lanzarote.

The event was extremely successful and visitors from around the world were able to enjoy the magnificent occasion, which also coincided with the annual pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady of Sorrows. Transportation services, such as cheap car rental Lanzarote greatly facilitated access and communications.

The Lanzarote Craft Fair showed its commitment to protecting the environment by promoting the 'Agüita con el Plástico' campaign, which aimed to raise awareness about litter thrown on the beaches and, above all, to prevent it from reaching the sea. Many people visited the beach area, which could be easily accessed with a cheap rent-a-car service in Lanzarote.

Throughout the event, the idea was conveyed that the Lanzarote Craft Fair is an unparalleled benchmark of Canarian culture and tradition. This was expressed by the Councillor for Culture, Óscar Pérez, who noted it as the best way to promote the business sector of Lanzarote.

Attendance at the Craft Fair is also the perfect excuse to visit the spectacular volcanic landscapes of Mancha Blanca, the location of the famous Timanfaya National Park, one of the biggest natural attractions of the island of Lanzarote. Another recommended route is the one that leads to Tremesana, which can be accessed with a cheap rental vehicle Lanzarote.

It's clear to see that the organisers had good reason to congratulate themselves on the great success of the thirtieth edition of this event. They are already immersed in the preparation of the thirty-first. Lanzarote is eagerly awaiting the arrival of countless visitors to its lands, who will once again be able to use the services of PaylessCar Lanzarote, the cheap rental car service in the city.