Celebrate Spanish Christmas with the Three Kings


Celebrate Spanish Christmas with the Three Kings
We've managed to secure an exclusive interview with the Three Kings as they pass through Lanzarote!

If you visit Spain in January, you'll find that it's a magical month. Christmas hasn't finished yet - instead, after the new year has started, a very special visit takes place, when the Three Kings come to the Canary Islands to spread sweets and magic to young and old alike. We at Payless did our best to convince them to try out our low cost car rental service in Lanzarote, but they insisted on riding their camels!

Question: What are the advantages of riding a camel in comparison with more conventional modes of transport?

Answer: We know that there is a huge variety of vehicles to choose from. For example, Payless has cheap rental cars in Lanzarote which are a great option to visit all the fascinating corners of the islands. But our camels are special. We have a close relationship with them, and we would never leave them.

Question: What is your favourite part of Lanzarote?

Answer: Honestly, we love all of the island. We visit every year, and we always try to get to know new areas. Once we came in the summer, when we could really enjoy the fantastic climate and gorgeous water. That time, we let our camels take a break and instead we decided to choose Payless rent a car!

Question: Are you completely ready to visit all the children in Lanzarote?

Answer: Of course! We are very organised, and we always plan everything well in advance, to make sure that there are no mistakes. We read all the letters that children send us, and we wrap up their presents. That way, when we're flying through on the night of the 6th of January, all we have to do is give out the presents. Plus, we can enjoy the parade on the 5th of January without feeling stressed. There's nothing we love more than the look of happiness on a child's face!

Question: Are you planning to visit any of the other islands?

Answer: Of course! We'll be going to every part of the Canary Islands. But the truth is, we still don't know what method of transport we'll be using to get between the islands. However, we know that if we need a vehicle, we'll definitely go for Payless for its budget car rental offices in the airports of El Hierro, La Gomera, and plenty of other destinations. It's the best guarantee for a trip without unnecessary complications!