Together, Lanzarote and Instagram have created a beautiful love ‘story’!


Together, Lanzarote and Instagram have created a beautiful love ‘story’!
Transform your affordable Lanzarote rented car into a vehicle for increasing your social network followers on Instagram. Everyone who visits the island wants to photograph it – and this is nothing to wonder at. In spite of its amazing parks and gardens, its areas of natural beauty and the unique flora and fauna, tourism has not spoiled Lanzarote. When people come here, they want to leave the rest of the world behind – and it is so easy to get away from it all. On arrival at Lanzarote airport, you simply take out your affordable car hire and you start to enjoy the island.

From the time your motoring tour begins, you will find places to photograph, creating stunning images to upload on Instagram. Indeed, you will want to share the wonders of the Jameos del Agua lava caves, the stunning Timanfaya National Park, the Teguise district and the Castle of San José with all of your followers. Believe me, places as beautiful as these should not be for your eyes only. Your journey on your affordable motor tour of Lanzarote will take you to a number of other attractions, which you can reach in a single day. Among the more intriguing places are the saltpans and the vineyards, the famous beaches and the small towns that bespeak the very essence of the island.

The images you capture of these exciting places on your affordable Lanzarote motor tour will make your Instagram account blossom, attracting loads of new followers and making it more exciting for your existing ones. Remember, your photo journal is a creative expression of you. The images will linger long after your journey is over, expressing your unique vision and your interpretation of the sights, the plants and the animals, the beautiful places and the interesting sights on the island. Whatever happens, do not miss a photo opportunity with the fabulous Canary Island date palm or one of the wild olive trees.

In summary, your affordable Lanzarote car rental will open up the island to you, rendering it an enormous photographic studio in which you can develop your special creativity. Just think of your Lanzarote rented car as a motorized donkey conveying you to the wonders of the island. So, pick up your phone today, and then collect your car keys to begin the love story that awaits. Don’t forget to share those very special views of Lanzarote with all of your Instagram followers.