Calderón Hondo: hiking in Fuerteventura


Calderón Hondo: hiking in Fuerteventura
Follow the sand and rocks path for enjoying the breathtaking views of Fuerteventura. With your cheap car rental in Fuerteventura you will be able to get to all the volcanos and volcano craters. And remember, in Fuerteventura all sports can be practiced suchs as hiking, triathlon and water sports.

However, this time, discover one of the most arid, rocky and emblematic sceneries from Fuerteventura: Calderón Hondo. So now prepare sun cream, a camera, a backpack, cold water and the keys of your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura because we are about to enroll in an adventure!

The starting point of this path begins by going with your cheap rent-a-car in Fuerteventura to Los Lajares. From here, you will gaze the line of volcanos and among them there is Calderón Hondo which is more than 70 meters high. The main path for starting the route is easy to find because it’s on the right side of the road. Moreover, in here you will be able to see a descriptive map and some information about the geography.

This low-intensity hiking is five kilometers long. It’s advisable to do it in the morning since during periods of the year such as summer where the temperatures of midday are higher and in winter it dusks earlier.

Once you begin to walk through the path, it will be uphill till 246m high during 1.6km and then it will go downhill during 300 meters. Hereafter, the path goes up for 500m till the highest point of the route, around 276m high. At this point, we are halfway of the adventure and we have walked 2.4km. Finally, the last part of the route has a gradual decline until arriving to the starting point.

While you travel through the path, take your time for enjoying the views of the surroundings villages and for capturing through photos this unforgettable moment. We also invite you to discover the village of Los Talajares with your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura and get to know the locals and taste the gastronomy.

The charm of Fuerteventura cannot only be found in its people, white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters o fresh sea breeze, but also it can be found within yourself by disconnecting of the stress caused by the modern style of life. It can be as easy as enjoy the route by foot or by driven your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura.