Gourmet restaurants in Lanzarote


Gourmet restaurants in Lanzarote
Gourmet food is a demand of those who desire to have exclusive gastronomy experiences when they sit down on the table, for them the goal isn’t to simply eat but to taste the flavours and textures of the moment. Lanzarote is a destination where you’ll be able to find delicious plates. Once you’ve landed in the airport, don’t forget to take into account the suggestions we make and try our gourmet restaurant recommendations with the help of your cheap rental car in Lanzarote.

Gourmet food is different from others because chefs use ingredients characterised for the quality of its production or its exotism. Moreover, it perfectly combines the flavours of the numerous courses and, even in some cases, it also considers the combination with wines. Not only discover the island of volcanoes with your cheap rental car in Lanzarote but also taste the most detailed and exclusive cuisine.

Certainly, the most well-known Gourmet restaurant is Kentia Gourmet Club. Situated in Puerto del Carmen, it’s easy to find if you come from the airport with your cheap rental car in Lanzarote by the LZ-40. This restaurant is not only famous for its decoration inspired by ethnic patterns and the jungle, but also for the gastronomic experience it offers to the public. On its menu there’s a special section called “Selección Gourmet” (Gourmet Selection) dedicated to the most demanding and avant-garde palates.

While visiting Arrecife with your cheap rental car in Lanzarote, you can take the chance for having dinner in Restaurante Naia. The menu is divided in three parts, each one focused on one of the three courses of a meal, and they’re called “It’s starts”, “it continues” and “it finishes”. This menu created by the chef Mikel Otegui invites you to follow step by step a delicious and daring experience based on the mediterranean diet. Among the plates on the menu, we find some classic spanish recipes with a twist by adding special ingredients with different textures and flavours like, for example, the spanish omelette with portobello mushrooms or the saharan calamari on a bed of potato cream.

Enjoy your stay in Lanzarote and make unforgettable memories. The gourmet restaurants of the island are waiting for you to try their special creations and to experience Lanzarote in your mouth. And, for going to one restaurant to another, you can always rent a cheap rental car in Lanzarote. Bon Appetit!