A revolution for the gastronomy of Fuerteventura: Taste Fuerteventura 2018


A revolution for the gastronomy of Fuerteventura: Taste Fuerteventura 2018
Foto: fuerteventuradigital.net

Fuerteventura is a uniquely charming island. It has a different vibe, swathed by an African air and its unique quality makes it a wonderful holiday destination. However, it is also a destination that appreciates its food, highlighted by Taste Fuerteventura 2018. The event is a gastronomic meeting for professionals and amateurs alike, all united by their love of good food and the delights they bring. You will be able to enjoy the festival and all of the delights of the island in even more comfort as well if you have your own vehicle to travel in, which PaylessCar in Fuerteventura will be more than happy to help with. Finding an cheap rental car gives you a mode of transport that means you are in control and able to do things on the island that you would like to, in your own comfort and on your own time.

From May 31st up until June 3rd, gastronomy experts meet to share their ideas, concoct new creations and to learn from their peers. However, the main method of learning is definitely by tasting everything on offer! Taking place in the Fuerteventura convention centre Training and Congress Palace, flavours and aromas flow throughout every corner of the wonderful event.

If you come to Fuerteventura, going to Taste Fuerteventura and then discovering the joys that the island contains make for the perfect combination. And if you use a PaylessCar, you will be able to reach all of the wonderful destinations that make up the area. For example, El Cotillo is a small fishing village with picturesque beaches for you to lose yourself in its peace and tranquillity. Other highly recommended beaches that can be accessed with a cheap rental car are the Los Lagos and La Concha beaches which are hidden marvels.

Thanks to the cheap rental options provided by PaylessCar in Fuerteventura, you can also reach La Oliva, the former capital of the island. Here, you would be able to see the famous Casa de los Coroneles (the Colonelsí House), which is a famous 18th century building which was the official residence of the Colonels who held military dominance on the island.

With your rental car from PaylessCar, we recommend that your next stop should be to take in the Guise and Ayose viewpoint. The viewpoint is marked by two bronze statues, each four metres tall, representing the two kings holding their staffs. From this vantage point, you will be able to take in the and overlook the beautiful island. With a cheap rental car, you will be able to further explore Fuerteventura and head to Ajuy, a beautiful fishing village with a luscious dark beach. The sea has eroded the rocks here, creating caves that can be explored to make unforgettable memories.

Amazing flavours, wondrous aromas and historic, beautiful places that are steeped in the essence of the island all combine during Taste Fuerteventura to create an amazing experience that will truly leave all of its visitors with a great taste in the mouth and desperate to come back for more.