Cañada de la Barca, a perfect movie setting for Han Solo


Cañada de la Barca, a perfect movie setting for Han Solo
There are numerous deserts around the world, but none of them are as magical as Cañada de la Barca, in Fuerteventura. This is what Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, directors of Star Wars, must have thought when they chose this location to shoot the next series of the movie. At this moment in time in Payless, we can not offer you a wonderful spaceship to tour the area in, but there are several cheap rental cars in Fuerteventura with which you will surely get the most out of your trip. We depart towards Corellia!

If you visit Cañada de la Barca, you will soon realise that this destination has a special, magical and attractive vibe about it. The view is lost in the vastness of the plains, full of black and brown tones. In the background, the sea contrasts with its intense blue colour. It is, without a doubt, a perfect setting to acclimate those extraterrestrial objects that come to life in the film.

This area is located in the peninsula of Jandía, in the Natural Park of the same name. It is an unspoiled and wild area, where nature has managed to thrive despite the harsh climate. In the vicinity you can find numerous beaches of fine golden sand and transparent waters. Come with your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura to one of these beaches, like Costa Calma, lay your towel on the sand and enjoy the warmth of the weather, before continuing with this unique adventure.

To continue exploring the peninsula of Jandía, you can head towards Cofete, where the strength of the wind emerges as the winning ingredient for surfers. However, if you prefer to go a little further, you can drive to Faro de Jandía, the westernmost part of the island and where you will feel like Han Solo in his intergalactic adventure. In Cañada de la Barca is a place that's out of norm so you can choose your own driving route.

Of course, this is not the only feature movie scene on the island. Other major productions such as Exodus and Allies have also found a unique setting to acclimate the scenes and the lives of the characters in these landscapes. Do not miss the opportunity to discover all its secrets and hire your cheap rental car at the Fuerteventura Airport to drive freely and independently to all corners of the island. With Payless, these are all the top advantages you can enjoy!