The Fuerteventura cheese, the best in the world


The Fuerteventura cheese, the best in the world
Photo: Mumumío

You won’t find it anywhere in the extensive green meadows of Holland nor in the plains of Castile. If you want to taste the best cheese in the world you will have to come to the deserted landscape of Fuerteventura, where goats and ranchers have managed to combine all their virtues to give life to a first class gastronomic product.

Upon arriving on the island, most tourists are eager to discover what this destination holds. They fly in, they manage the booking of a cheap rental car at the Fuerteventura Airport, they go to the hotel and take a dip in the sea. What not everyone knows is that here you can also enjoy a unique and different gastronomic experience.

Cheese is the most attractive highlight, here. So much so that recently a Majorero cheese - the Maxorata - has been recognized as the best in the world. This prize has been awarded in the World Championship of Cheese, the official competition that has taken place in the United States. Fresh goat's milk and paprika are the main ingredients used to make it. Dedication and time are the other fundamental elements for this food to get its peculiar and delicious flavor. It should be noted that this contest featured another 3,402 cheeses of 26 different nationalities, a fact that gives even more value to this product.

Therefore, if you are planning to spend a vacation in this destination, you should not miss the opportunity to have lunch or dinner in one of its many restaurants, where you will be served a wide variety of delicious cheeses. Go with your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura to Puerto del Carmen, the main urban center of the island, and choose from the most traditional establishments.

Or if you prefer, go to Corralejo to experience not only the taste of the best cheese, but also that of the freshest fish. And if your palate is open to new proposals, we recommend you ask for a tapa of goat meat, one of the dishes that best characterize the majorera cuisine. To do this, you can go with your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura to some of the towns in the interior, where they will prepare a portion of this gourmet delight so you can savor it in an idyllic setting.

As you can see, in this destination you will find much more than the traditional beaches and holiday resorts. Good food will accompany you wherever you go with your cheap rent a car in Fuerteventura. In addition, you can try some of the typical delicacies of other islands, such as malvasía wine, almogrote or grilled Herreño cheese. The options are practically endless… and thoroughly delicious!

Your call: If you plan to come to the Canary Islands this holiday, do not miss the opportunity to taste the best cheese in the world. Book your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura now with Payless and guarantee a perfect stay in a fabulous destination.