European tourists choose Fuerteventura at Christmas


European tourists choose Fuerteventura at Christmas
For many people, Christmas is time to spent with the family, resting from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoying home comforts in the company of loved ones. However, more and more people choose to take advantage the holidays to travel and discover exotic and new destinations.

Thousands of tourists already make the decision each year when they choose to pack their bags and spend Christmas in Fuerteventura. A perfect plan to recharge your batteries and enjoy moments of leisure and relaxation in the spectacular setting of our paradise island.

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Of all the tourists who chose Majorera island to celebrate these holidays, the Germans were the most numerous, although it also witnessing the arrival of other nationalities such as Poles or Italians. The warmer destination has not gone unnoticed, especially for those who are normally accustomed to spending Christmas holidays with temperatures that are below 0ºC. In addition, if the weather is not a sufficient reason to decide the choice of holiday, Fuerteventura offers many other attractions for newcomers. Taking on adventure sports such as surfing or kitesurfing is common in any month of the year, even in winter, and the rich Canarian gastronomy delights even the most demanding of food critics.

In order to enjoy the advantages that the island offers, most tourists choose to request a cheap rental car at the Fuerteventura Airport, which allows them to travel the different points of interest in complete comfort and independence.

Once this transaction is complete, and with the keys of a rental vehicle for Fuerteventura in your hands, your holiday is ready to begin. Actually, nationality matters little. Germans, British, Dutch or French alike enjoy the magical beaches of Jandía and Sotavento, have fun visiting the shops of Morrojable and taste the best delicacies in the restaurants of Corralejo.

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