On 1 September, Fuertebike V was celebrated


On 1 September, Fuertebike V was celebrated
Photo: Fuertebike

The biggest cycle race in the Canary Islands mountains returned for another edition, and everything that was hoped for came to pass. Getting there is always easy, thanks to PaylessCar from Fuerteventura.

The Fuertebike race is an incredible event to enjoy as a family. It brings together all the required ingredients for a truly unique spectacle: competitiveness, character and amazing natural landscapes. The fifth edition took place on 1 September, and here we will present some details of this new edition and its characteristics.

To start with, we need to stress that getting to the start is only possible by means of a vehicle. The mountainous terrain has particular challenges, including some bumpy surfaces, and not every vehicle is equipped with suspension that is well suited to travel there. Fortunately, this is not a problem, thanks to the invaluable assistance of Fuerteventura's cheap hire cars. With the help of these inexpensive rental vehicles, it is possible to overcome the difficulties that are presented by a steep and awkward road.

The race itself is a symbol of competition and comradeship. The blending of these elements means that victory is simply an extra adornment on top of the whole event. Just being there is worthwhile from the moment that competition begins, with competitors giving their all to gain the trophy.

During the two hours of racing, all your five senses will be sharp and revelling in not merely the chance of victory, but the privilege of taking part. In addition, the race offers some new surprises every year, thanks to the participation of stars from different areas of Spanish sport.

The race starts at 9:30 from the Vincente Carreņo Football Stadium, which is easy to reach with a Payless Car Fuerteventura vehicle. The first entrants begin to arrive at about 11:30, after they have completed the 50 km course. Naturally, those who have chosen the 80 km option will take a little longer. After lunch, the crowd moves on to the Oasis Papagayo resort for the closing ceremony. The Fuerteventura cheap car rental service is the best choice for this trip.

We must also highlight the incredible destinations that are located close to the race venue. You cannot miss the Correlejo Natural Park: a spectacle of nature before your very eyes. We also recommend Villas in Geafond. Both these places are unmissable, yet they are easily accessible with the assistance of cheap Fuerteventura rental cars.