Fototrek Isla de El Hierro ... the countdown begins!


Fototrek Isla de El Hierro ... the countdown begins!
Visiting the Canary Islands is an experience that every tourist can enjoy. Surrounded by a paradisiacal maritime environment with an impressive biodiversity, these islands offer a great number of options, being a very attractive destination that year after year brings more followers. In this example, we will go to El Hierro, the most western island of the Canary Islands, which ensures fun, novel activities and an infinite contact with nature.

As with any trip, some of the most important questions to be resolved is transportation and what activities to participate in. One event that is attracting the attention of travelers lately is Fototrek Isla de Hierro. This event is perfect for fans of photography, nature and new technologies. To participate and win the Fototrek of El Hierro it is worth discovering every corner of this natural treasure with the cheap car rental from PaylessCar.

Between October 11 and 13, 2018, the fourth Fototrek Isla de El Hierro will take place thanks to the organization of the Town Hall of the city of La Frontera. This consists of three competitions that link photography with tourism, sports and adventure - specifically those unique photos that can be taken while blazing a trail.

There are three ways of winning a prize and these are the different categories: Smartphone Fototrek, Mi Isla Fototrek and El Hierro Fototrek. Booking a cheap rental car in El Hierro guarantees tranquility and comfort to participate in any of the categories. And, perhaps, even success!

With the cheap rental cars in El Hierro available from PaylessCar it is possible to reach the most amazing points of the island and obtain truly incredible shots where the sea meets the most exuberant nature. It is important to know that the entire program of El Hierro Fototrek starts from the city of La Frontera, therefore, it is advisable to stay there. However, you can always find other options in the nearby vicinity, for comfort or budget, especially if you book a cheap rental car in El Hierro.

To enjoy this magnificent event that has helped make the Canary Islands one of the meccas of tourism, PaylessCar in El Hierro offers a modern fleet of vehicles and an excellent professional service. To get the best photos on the island, it is important to arrive with the appropriate natural lighting conditions and take those roads that are impossible to walk. Therefore, to be in the exact place at the right time, with a cheap rental car you can, for little money, visit the different corners that this island offers for photography enthusiasts.

Now you know - if you plan to compete in one of the categories of the next Fototrek Isla de El Hierro, book a cheap rental car in El Hierro and set out to take splendid photographs of this natural paradise.