Father's Day in Fuerteventura: Special Deals for a Special Day


Father's Day in Fuerteventura: Special Deals for a Special Day
Father's Day is one of the most important and memorable days on any calendar. It is a holiday meant to recognise the love and support offered by a parent who has remained by our side even during the most difficult of times. Payless appreciated this opportunity and on 19 March, we provided deserving fathers with amazingly cost-effective Fuerteventura car rental deals that their entire families could enjoy. Let's take a look at a handful of stories from our satisfied customers.

Hugo: Barcelona

Hugo recently decided to enjoy a Fuerteventura holiday with his partner who was five months pregnant at the time. While visiting locations such as El Cotillo, Jandía and Morrojable was obviously quite important, the couple was equally hoping to take advantage of the amazing photographic opportunities that this island has to offer (particularly the areas around Majoreros). Some of their photographs highlight the Fuerteventura cheap car rental services that we were able to provide; a cute and yet very practical Fiat Panda 4x4. These images could undoubtedly be utilised within postcards that reflect the true nature of the Canary Islands!

Salvador: Fuerteventura

Experiencing the unsurpassed luxury associated with a high-end sports car is an understandable dream. Salvador's father nurtured this very same vision and he arrived from nearby Puerto del Rosario to take advantage Payless in order to surprise his parent on this very special day. He selected our Fuerteventura car rental services, as they are associated with cost-effective prices as well as a host of vehicles to choose from. After renting a sports car, he drove the vehicle to his fathers house; an amazing way to fulfil one of his greatest dreams. This was undoubtedly a unique method to experience all that the island had to offer.

Mark: Norway

Certain countries celebrate Father's Day on different dates of the year. One example is Norway, as this holiday takes place on the second Sunday during the month of November. This was not inconvenient for Mark, as he was surrounded by his family within the spectacular environment associated with the island of Majorera. Thanks to our cheap car rental options in Fuerteventura, he drove to nearby Corralejo in order to enjoy a delicious meal with his wife and children. According to his own words, he was grateful -to be able to spend time with his family and take a bath in the sea in the middle of March-.