Explode your Instagram with the Fuerteventura natural filter


Explode your Instagram with the Fuerteventura natural filter
Are you looking to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Fuerteventura? Do you want to share some of its beautiful landscapes with your Instagram followers? You will find there is no need to choose the right filters, since you can take advantage of the natural look of the island and to get hold of many impressive images. If you want to move around comfortably and reach all the most photogenic places on the island, you may want to consider hiring a cheap car rental Fuerteventura.

Once you approach Fuerteventura by plane, what will instantly call your attention is the huge area of natural landscapes engulfing a comparatively tiny urban area. You will also notice the topographical relief is not very pronounced, which promotes a wind suitable to water sports. When you arrive at the airport, look for the nearest Payless Car Fuerteventura and hire an inexpensive car, so that you can move around freely and fully explore the island. There is no point in visiting only the most charming places, when you can easily see them all by getting a car!

Take advantage of the many available photo opportunities in this spectacular island – keep your smartphone or professional camera in hand, and you’ll find lots of material worthy of sharing to your Instagram account. A cheap rent-a-car car Fuerteventura will be incredibly useful to explore the interior of the island, where the most beautiful sceneries can be found.

One route in particular will allow you to capture memorable panoramic shots that will explode your Instagram: Tuineje-Tiscamanita-Betancuria-Mirador Risco de las Penas.

Throughout this route you’ll come across a beautiful church in Tuineje, picturesque windmills reminiscent of D. Quijote in Tiscamanita, and the historical Canarian city of Betancuria where the white color predominates. There are two notable viewpoints available in the route (Risco and Guise/Ayose) that you must absolutely visit, since they will offer stunning views to post your photos on Instagram.

Only driving a car can you easily reach the beaches of white sand like those of Sotavento, golden beaches like that of Cofete, and black sand beaches of volcanic origin like that of Gran Tarajal. The coastal scenarios feature a great diversity of landscapes, ranging from cliffs to dunes, volcanic caves, and much more.

Your photos will not require any retouches or filters, since all the colors and scenes available at Fuerteventura - especially the sea - are naturally amazing. Driving a car will provide you with greater flexibility, freedom and independence to discover those places where guided tours or public transport are not available.

To explore from end to end the most virgin island of the Canary Islands and get incredible photos with natural filters that will impress your followers and explode your Instagram account, trust Payless Car Fuerteventura.