In Lanzarote, "La Geria" is celebrated in honour of the traditional wine harvest.


In Lanzarote,
You land, you head to the cheap rent-a-car in Lanzarote, hire a vehicle and you already have everything you need to enjoy one of the best wine harvest festivals on the island: La Geria.

La Geria is an area in the southwest spanning five municipalities (San Bartolomé, Teguise, Tias, Tinajo and Yaiza). It also borders the Natural Park of Los Volcanes that surrounds the Timanfaya Natural Park, an environment well known for the eruptions of its mini volcanoes. In the Geria, vineyards are actually planted inside sand-filled volcanic cones called 'picón' by the locals and are surrounded by stones to better protect them. The best route to get to this wonderful place with your cheap Lanzarote car rental company is to come from the south and end in the north. We recommend heading to a small town called Uga that is only a short distance from the La Geria winery, about 5 km away.

During these festivities, in addition to enjoying music and the Canarian stalls, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the true meaning of this celebration: paying homage to the traditional vintage. For this, the grapes are collected (both tourists and locals can participate), put in baskets and loaded into wooden boxes. Camels are still used to transport the precious load. A Mass is also celebrated in honour of the Virgin and the celebration ends with a musical group that finishes the party in a lively style.

However, this unique celebration only takes place on August 14 and 15 - not at any other time of the year! Another highly recommended destination to explore via your cheap Lanzarote hire car is El Chupadero. El Chupadero is a bar located in the area of La Geria that is praised by many tourists for its outstanding views and for being a good place to enjoy an aperitif or two. Another highly acclaimed restaurant is the Bodegas Rubicon that allows patrons the chance to enjoy a fine meal after a visit to the wineries or to the local museum.

La Geria is a magnificent celebration that brings us closer to the time-honoured traditions of the island but it is worth remembering that if you want to enjoy the vineyards you should leave your cheap rent-a-car in Lanzarote parked nearby. However, the chance to stroll amidst the beautiful local terrain is never a hardship.