La Graciosa, is known as the eighth island of the Canary Islands.


La Graciosa, is known as the eighth island of the Canary Islands.
La Graciosa has finally been recognized as an inhabited island of the Canarian archipelago, specifically the eighth island. Discover how to get there with your cheap rent-a-car from Lanzarote to La Graciosa and how to also take advantage of the north and south of Lanzarote.

From the port of Órzola, in Lanzarote, you can reach La Graciosa by boat. Barely a kilometer separates both islands. It is one of the few places in Europe that has no paved roads, and the streets are sandy, as if it had been built on a large beach. There are only two towns, Caleta del Sebo and Pedro Barba. In total there are about 700 inhabitants who live all year on the island in a total territory of 29 square km.

As there is no asphalt, there are no cars so bicycles area the favorite means of transport. This small paradise is part of the Chinijo archipelago, northwest of Lanzarote. The island is protected space within the Natural Park of the Chinijo Archipelago. Given the enclave, it is not surprising that the Graciosera dining experience highlights fresh fish, limpets, an excellent paella, and a great atmosphere.

Since the visit to La Graciosa does not take much time, let's talk about the routes we recommend to visit Lanzarote. First, we advise you to go to PaylessCar in Lanzarote to rent a car, since traveling on the island is more convenient with a cheap rental car. The next step is to choose which route to travel: either the north, visiting the coast and islands of this part of the archipelago, or the southern route which traverses the volcanoes of the island.

On one hand, the excursion through the north of Lanzarote is the most coastal and takes us to unforgettable places. Passing by the beach of Famara with its auditorium situated in a underwater volcanic cave, until reaching the impressive views of the Chinijo Archipelago. This route by car, with PaylessCar in Lanzarote, crosses the north of the island next to an ocean that constantly invites you to bathe and enjoy all the charm of its beaches.

The on the other hand, the south of Lanzarote is without doubt, one of the most impressive places in the archipelago. Here there are camel excursions, an incredible lake and golden beaches of fine sand which are well worth a cheap car rental in Lanzarote. The famous white houses enhance their brightness with the spectacular volcanic landscape. This second stop leads to an impressive collection of volcanoes in the Timanfaya National Park. From here, we will go to Los Hervideros, where the lava touches the Atlantic, creating a multitude of underwater caves - potential new habitats for the vast Canarian fauna. A few kilometers away, El Golfo leaves imprinted in the eye why it is a world class movie scene.

Get out and enjoy your cheap rent-a-car in Lanzarote by visiting Lanzarote and La Graciosa. A new wild island to discover in the Canarian archipelago.