Discover Pájara in Fuerteventura


Discover Pájara in Fuerteventura
Cheap car rental in Fuerteventura could become the start of a very intense tour of the island. We describe why the southern part of the island, more exactly Pájara is an essential stop during your vacation.

Pájara is located in the province of Las Palmas. It occupies the south of the island including Jandía, the most characteristic peninsula of Fuerteventura. With nearly 400 square kilometres, it is the largest city in this haven of peace. You can get to this area from the airport in about 50 minutes, only 54 kilometres from your starting point. Your cheap rent-a-car Fuerteventura will help to take you to see the following natural attractions.

Ajuí - where you arrive by the road FV-617 - is an ode to the past in which it is easy to find marine fossils and remains of different eras. La Montańa Cardón - accessible from the roads FV-605 and FV-618 - is ideal for discovering the native flora. Jandía is a location that goes into the Atlantic and is full of protected species that deserve your full attention.

With your Payless car Fuerteventura you can also visit Betancuria, a wide-ranging park that includes several municipalities where you can learn more about the autochthonous nature. The Matorral beach - parallel to the FV-2 - is perfect for bird lovers.

In addition, the possibility of cheap car rental Fuerteventura will help you to visit municipalities such as Morro Jable, Solana Matorral or Costa Calma. These small towns are perfect to experience the tradition and culture of the island. It will not be difficult to discover hermitages and buildings that are several centuries old. In all Fuerteventura, it is easy to find beaches for surfing. Various championships of this sport are held throughout the year.

Your cheap rent-a-car Fuerteventura will be, therefore, something that gives you the opportunity to visit Pájara and fall in love at first sight with all that this fishing area offers, within which there are still small towns that renounce modernity. It is, without a doubt, the cultural centre of Fuerteventura and offers a more respectful and less invasive model of tourism.

The cheap rental service of Payless Car of Fuerteventura is the perfect complement to your holiday to explore this spectacular area that has many more secrets that you know. It is up to you to explore Pájara, to live it, to go through it and discover all its secrets. Surely, soon you will call this destination one of the most interesting of all you have visited throughout your life.