Fuerteventura, a place for disconnecting during your holidays


Fuerteventura, a place for disconnecting during your holidays
The stressful working life makes impossible to disconnect from clients and co-workers e-mails, deals to negotiate or endless meetings. In lots of occasions, working doesn’t finish on weekends. Disconnecting from work is each day a harder task. Out of the work context, we still have to answer personal massages or social media notifications.

Nowadays ‘disconnecting’ isn’t possible for everyone. Switching off the notifications or choosing the flight mode is an ideal that in many cases we just can’t achieve. At least we’ll always have holidays for disconnecting the mind and notifications, right?

The rise of the ‘Relaxing Holidays’

The unstoppable rise of ‘relaxing holidays’ is simmering in the travel industry. Destinations that help travellers to forget the sense of time or which evoke a utter peace thanks to the lack of technology. That’s what the modern traveller seeks the most when choosing a destination: getting out of big cities for enjoying science and sounds of the nature.

During a few days of holidays in Fuerteventura, we invite you to get lost in its beaches, sand, sun, endless roads, romantic dinners… But always keeping the flight mode! Follow our tips and dare to switch off during your holidays

Your plan for switching off during your holidays in Fuerteventura

Before getting lost in the aventure and disconnect from your work, you must plan all the details of your holidays in Fuerteventura, an island known by its semi-desert beaches and uninhabited large areas of land that will make you feel completely alone. Apart from that, you’re lucky for choosing Fuerteventura, thanks to its numerous flight connections with Europe and mainland Spain, you’ll be able to visit it during any time of the year. Don’t forget that the peak season of the Canary Islands is during winter so, any period of time is perfect for visiting the island!

When choosing the hotel for disconnecting where to stay, there’s a tremendous range of possibilities where to choose from. If you goal is to switch off the notifications and live immerse in the peace and tranquility that irradiate the island, we advise you to stay in a rural stay where there won’t be any WI-FI and which are located in some of the most beautiful, natural and wild landscapes of the island.

However, if you prefer to live comfortably in a hotel or apartment, we invite you to stay in Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario or Morro Jable. In this towns you will be able to get in contact with the nature and tranquility, without totally letting behind your tablet or smartphone.

The perfect place to get lost

Fuerteventura is well-known by is long shape and the huge distances from one point to another. Both in the north and in the south, there are numerous places where to disconnect.

Each city and town has its own charm, so don’t lose the chance of discovering its traditions and gastronomy. The North part is characterized by the fishing and surfing atmosphere and the South part is highlighted for being a multicultural environment.

During your journey across the island, we advise you to take your time and, if you fall crazy in love with the wild landscape, don’t doubt about getting out of the car and take amazing and inspiring photos. In Fuerteventura, there’s no such a thing as ‘schedules’ or ‘goals’ to achieve, trust your intuition and aventure. The best option for moving around is to rent a car during a few days and get lost on the roads.

The best places for disconnecting in Fuerteventura

There’s activities for the more active adventurous: surf, windsurf, diving, parasailing… Other for the more laid back tourists like snorkeling, yoga or Stand Up Paddle. If we add to the list the great variety of tourist locations, bars, restaurants and beaches, Fuerteventura becomes the perfect mixture of pure disconnection but with all the comforts needed for saying goodbye to stress. We are about to specify some of the activities you can try in this paradise called Fuerteventura.

For a few hours, your mind will be only focused on learning the technique for surfing your first wave. On the island you’ll find many surf schools that will provide all the equipment and a teacher for a good price. For discovering the sea bed in Corralejo, go to a professional diving school or bring with you the equipment needed for practicing snorkel.