Christmas in the Canary Islands...Time to eat!


Christmas in the Canary Islands...Time to eat!
Today we're going to tell you which Canarian delicacies you can't miss if you're visiting the islands to celebrate Christmas. Check them out with Payless!

Christmas is coming and we all know what that means: an endless march of lunches, dinners, and other occasions where you'll be stuffing your face with frends and family. If you're coming to the Canary Islands, you'll find that they have their own unique Christmas culinary traditions, quite different from the rest of Spain. As well as a uniquely mild December climate, the islands have plenty of mouthwatering treats to offer you during the festive season.

1) Almogrote or mojo de almendras. These are two traditional local sauces which can accompany different meats or potatoes, as well as make a dipping sauce for bread. Almogrote is made with almonds, pepper and strong cheese, while mojo is similar but cheese-free. Don't worry if you've got no idea how to prepare these: you'll find them available in every restaurant or bar in town! To discover the best restaurants, we recommend booking a low cost rental car in one of our Payless offices around the Canary Islands. You won't regret it!

2) Pata asada (roast duck). At family get-togethers, Canarians love to celebrate with a delicious roast duck. The trick to getting it perfect is to pay close attention to the oven timer. Nobody wants a duck that's burnt on the outside and raw on the inside! Once you've got your perfectly-prepared bird, all it needs is a pinch of salt and a few potatoes alongside, and you'll have the makings of an irresistible feast!

3) Truchas de batata (yam pastries). It may sound a bit strange, but this is the local Christmas sweet that conjures up the true taste of the season for all Canarians. It's a sweet pastry filled with delicious ingredients, fried and then sprinkled with just a touch of sugar to bring out the delicious flavour. You'll find these in supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants, and they're just perfect served alongside a warm cup of coffee.

If you're planning to spend Christmas in the Canary Islands, remember that as well as the delicious cuisine, you'll find a huge number of charming locations to explore in all of the islands. Look out for the best offers from Payless Rent a Car and make your way around this amazing archipelago!