Cheap Christmas escape to Lanzarote


Cheap Christmas escape to Lanzarote
In Lanzarote you wonít find the classic white Christmas, on this island of the Canarian Archipelago there isnít snowed mountains but you will be able to find some of the best beaches with white, gold, black and even red sand. Prepare everything and enjoy Christmas under the sun and the warm of the Island of Volcanos.

With an average temperature of 17ļC, Lanzarote becomes an interesting destination to which run away from the continental cold. Lanzarote is the perfect place for spending Christmas thanks to its countless of fly connections with the main cities in Europe and the easy way of moving around by using a cheap rental car in Lanzarote.

Firstly, drive your cheap rental car in Lanzato for going to Calle Real in Arrecife by the LZ-2 from the airport. There you will be able to do those last minute shoppings and enjoy a relaxing night walk in the streets full of lights and Christmas decoration. For the big night of December 24th, donít forget to book in advance a table in a good restaurant this way you will also have the chance to try the delicious local food.

The second most important date of this period of time is New Yearís Eve, youíll find plans for everyone in Lanzarote! We suggest to go to Puerto del Carmen with your cheap rental car in Lanzarote for celebrating in the vicinities of Avenida de Las Playas this special day and for witnessing the beautiful fireworks spectacle with your family.

If possible, donít forget to extend your stay until the 6tf on January for enjoying the Eve of the spanish celebration DŪa de Reyes Magos in lanzarote. Every year it is celebrated parade around this festivity in Arrecife that goes from Recinto Ferial till the pier. This parade will be attended by tons of islanders, kids and adults, the streets will be full of Christmas spirit because on the next day the Reyes Magos will bring presents as the tradition saids. Caused by the fact that this festivity will attract a highly number of people, we advise you to arrive early for finding a spot where to park you cheap rental car in Lanzarote or, if you are staying in a hotel close-by, to go by foot.

Awaiting for you to discover its climate, Lanzarote will serve you as a gateaway for enjoying Christmas with your loved ones while experiencing the local traditions and moving freely across the island thanks to a cheap rental car.