Cheeses of Fuerteventura, the hidden treasure of Maxorata


Cheeses of Fuerteventura, the hidden treasure of Maxorata
Those who have visited Fuerteventura know it: the island is full of goats. Youíll often spot them in the vast desert areas while they ruminate and warm themselves under the intense sun which beats down on the archipelago. You can drive a cheap hire car in Fuerteventura and surprise yourself with the many goats that come out of nowhere, on either side of the road. This being the case, itís no surprise that some of the best cheeses in the world are produced on this island. Take note and on your next visit donít forget to try the recommendations given to you by Payless, your rent a car in Fuerteventura.

The fame of the Ďmajoreroí cheese dates back a few years. Although the inhabitants of the island have eaten it since time immemorial, it wasnít until 1999 when it gained the Denomination of Origin that allowed it to take a leap into the national and international scene. Itís produced in the municipalities of PŠjara, Puerto del Rosario, Tuineje, La Oliva, Antigua and Betancuria.

If you have your own cheap hire vehicle in Fuerteventura, we recommend you head, firstly, towards La Oliva. There, the Mercado de las Tradiciones (market) opens its doors a few times a week, and youíll find cheese as well as other local products made by artisans. You can complete your visit with a trip or walk around the surrounding areaÖ we assure you itís worth it!

Another of the places where you will find some delicious cheeses is in the Biosfera farmerís market in Puerto del Rosario. Every Saturday morning, farmers meet at the bus station in the village to exhibit their many products. Youíll have a fantastic time with all of the delicacies! Once you have done your shopping, you can spend the rest of the day on the beach and end it with an upmarket evening meal where, of course, they will serve you cheese.

In any case, to get the most out of this culinary experience, from Payless, your cheap rent a car in Fuerteventura, we give you a recommendation: leave your car parked and be inspired to do a tapas crawl, where you can combine the flavour of cheese with the different aromas of the island wines. Discover the textures and nuances that characterise the two most typical products of the archipelago and fall in love, a little more if thatís even possible, with the beauty of a unique land.