Camping Season is open in Pájara ... enjoy a natural vacation!


Camping Season is open in Pájara ... enjoy a natural vacation!
Few sensations are more rewarding than going to sleep with the sound of the sea in the background and feeling in full contact with nature. More so if this happens in a paradisiac setting, with pristine white sand beaches and transparent waters. If you are someone who enjoys camping or who favors sleeping a night under the stars over any luxury establishment, this information is for you.

Since June 4, the City Council of Pájara (one of the municipalities of the island) has opened the season to apply for camping. This is an activity that increasingly has more adepts. From groups of friends to couples, many people turn their backs on mass tourism and decide to embark on a different and rewarding experience. In addition, thanks to the wide range of cheap rental cars in Fuerteventura that Payless offers you, mobility from one point to another on the island is guaranteed, allowing you to explore all its corners and returning to Pájara to spend the night.

The application can be managed through the website and the camping period will be from June 8 to September 30. The areas that have been enabled for the development of this activity are Guerepe, La Solapa, Garcey, Tabaibejo, La Jaqueta, Puerto Rico and Bigocho. Also, if you want to spend several days of adventure aboard your cheap rental car in Fuerteventura and with your tent on your shoulder, you can also request an itinerant card that will give you permission to have up to 25 camping permits.

The municipality of Pájara has some of the most famous beaches of this tourist destination. Barlovento, Cofete, Sotavento and Risco del Paso are the most extensive and offer visitors up to 6 kilometers of coastline to walk and relax. But in addition, here it is also possible to find small coves full of charm, such as La Pared or Los Chigüigos.

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