The biggest obstacle course in Fuerteventura, Spain


The biggest obstacle course in Fuerteventura, Spain
On April 21, the 3rd edition of the Fuerteventura Bestial Race, the largest obstacle course in Spain, took place in the municipality of Tuineje and specifically in the town of Gran Tarajal. Come with us and experience the athleticism and sportsmanship of this spectacular show with a cheap rental car in Fuerteventura. Ready? Let’s go!

The hotel complex Playitas Resort, together with the organization OCRA, were the architects of this unique course that features various obstacles that each athlete must compete. There were several modalities of this race. Elite mode allowed runners to face professional athletes with a very demanding regulation, requiring that all obstacles had to be overcome. Starter mode, on the other hand, allowed the runner to perform the same route as the Elite mode, but with the option of being able to fail an obstacle during the circuit.

Other modalities of the race were the Solidary race of only 3 km, in which half of the registration fees were destined for social purposes, as well as the General batches, performed on an individual level, in pairs or teams, without a limit of failures of each obstacle, although athletes were penalized by requiring extra Burpees per failure that delayed the runners.

Not everything on this wonderful island required physical exercise and challenges, however. Arriving in Tuineje, which is very easy to access from the airport of Puerto del Rosario thanks to the wide range of cheap car rental services in Fuerteventura, athletes were able to combine this demanding obstacle course with a gift for the senses offered by the region—a tourist paradise where time stops in pursuit of leisure, the feeling of freedom and peace that only the beaches of Fuerteventura can offer.

If you plan to participate another year in this complicated and gritty race, don't forget that you will find yourself in a paradise that offers sun, sea and sand almost all year round. Thanks to the cheap rent-a-cars in Fuerteventura, you will have time to visit beaches of fine white sand, equally spectacular and worthy of admiration.

Without a doubt, there are many more activities that can be done apart from enjoying driving on the open, endless roads thanks to our cheap rental cars. Surf lovers can go to the beaches of Jandía to the south of the island, where they can enjoy a day of sun, sand and waves. And, if you want to flex your most artistic muscles, do not hesitate to get lost in the natural parks in the north to take pictures and immortalize the beauty of the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo.

With these features, Fuerteventura is presented as a territory compatible with healthy living and as a peaceful place that stands out for its ability to delight the senses.