A bicycle ride through La Graciosa


A bicycle ride through La Graciosa
Why not leave your cheap rental car in Lanzarote and enjoy a different day out, exploring the eighth Canary Island? La Graciosa, a volcanic, semi-desert island just north of Lanzarote, is the ideal place to get a feel of how the Canaries were before the package holiday. Hire a bicycle, and use our route to explore the hidden corners of this fascinating little island the tour operators forgot.

Park up in Órzola

Get an early start, and drive your cheap rental car in Lanzarote from your hotel to the little town of Órzola. From here, park your car and book your tickets on the catamaran which will take you to La Graciosa Island. As soon as you disembark you can’t help but notice the tranquil peace of the harbour village, or be awed by the rugged landscape behind it. Breathe in the atmosphere, but not for too long, there is much to be enjoyed.

Hire a Bike

To make the most of your day on La Graciosa, hire bicycles for the whole family from one of the local cycle hire shops on the dockside. Although jeep excursions are available, on a bike you can plan your own itinerary. You can stop when you like for as long as you like. You can go for a swim, enjoy a little tapas and refreshment in a local café, or eat your packed lunch on a beach.

Fresh air and Exercise

For a few hours forget the comfort of your cheap rental car in Lanzarote. Today is all about exercise, fresh air, and the feel-good factor. Check your route and head off to the picturesque Montaña Amarilla Beach with its crystal-clear water. But don’t spend too long enjoying the rays. Soon you need to be pedalling toward Las Conchas Beach, the most photographed on the island. If you decide to swim here be very careful of strong undercurrents.

From Las Conchas Beach, head north on the rough dirt road, to the small coastal town of Pedro Barba. Enjoy some refreshment, and take a stroll round the only cactus garden on the island. Finally, head back down to Caleta de Sebo, return your bikes, and enjoy a meal in one of the delightful restaurants before catching the catamaran back to Lanzarote.

There is no doubt, the diversity of the Canary Islands offers the opportunity of a multitude of different holiday types and excursions for its visitors. From the luxury of 5 star all-inclusive hotels to sleeping under the stars, and everything in between. Here at Payless, we want to enjoy the journey with you. Book your cheap rental car in Lanzarote now, and let us help you live your adventure - like a unique day on the tiny island of La Graciosa.