The best waterfalls to visit in La Palma


The best waterfalls to visit in La Palma
The intense rainfall in recent weeks in the archipelago means that the islandsí gorges and escarpments are bursting with life. Vegetation has grown back thicker and greener than ever; the streams are flowing faster, and the paths are full of tourists keen to capture the most beautiful images. This makes the ďIsla BonitaĒ the perfect destination for walking and discovering hidden corners and unique landscapes. If youíre planning on visiting it soon, make sure you pick up your cheap hire car in La Palma and head for these three spots that Payless recommends.

- Cascada de Colores

Located in la Caldera de Taburiente, this waterfall is one of the islandís main touristic icons. Itís a wall over which a constant stream of water falls, and, as the name suggests, it is tinted with different colours. To reach, it you have two options. The first is to leave your cheap hire car in La Palma in the Barranco de Las Angustias car park, take a taxi to the Brecitos lookout point and go on foot, going past plenty of beautiful view points and enjoying your surroundings. The second option is to go directly from the carpark to the waterfall. This is a cheaper option, but youíll miss out on the heart stopping panoramas of la Caldera.

- Cascada de los Tilos

When youíre on your way to the Cascada de los Tilos, you wonít be sure if youíre in the Canary Island or in some exotic corner of the Amazon. Youíre surrounded by vegetation; the air is humid, and mystery seems to seep out of every nook and cranny between the trees and plants of the laurel forest. If you go with your cheap rent a car from La Palma, you can leave the vehicle in the visitorís centre itself and, after a short walk of just 20 minutes, youíll discover this magnificent waterfall.

- The Marcos y Cordero Way

For many, this route is one of the most beautiful on the island of La Palma, although you will need a bit of skill and experience in hiking. Although itís not technically a waterfall, water is always present in the channels and canals which the path follows. Youíre guaranteed an adventure, as you have to go through various dark tunnels which the rain drops seep down toÖ so youíll need a waterproof and a torch. The best option is to leave your cheap hire car in La Palma in the tourist information centre and, from there, take a taxi to the highest point, where youíll start a 6 hour descent.