5 books for your holidays on El Hierro


5 books for your holidays on El Hierro
Those who love reading find that holidays offer a marvellous time to dedicate themselves to their books. Even when travelling and exploring new destinations, there’s always a moment here or there to read: by the sea while sunbathing, after a delicious meal, or just before going to sleep. As well as offering spectacular scenery, the island of El Hierro is the perfect place to free the imagination and to immerse yourself in a novel or fictional story. At Payless, your economy car hire on El Hierro, we suggest five titles so that your days of relaxation have a literary feel to them. Take note!

1. The infinite plan

The novels of Isabel Allende will never leave you feeling indifferent. In this story, she narrates the tale of Gregory Reeves, a pastor from the United States with a peculiar preaching style, as he attempts to survive a troublesome childhood, from which he emerges with courage and determination.

2. The shadow of the wind

If you like tales of intrigue, this book by Carlos Ruíz Zafón is perfect for you. It’s about a boy who’s taken by his father to a hidden, mysterious place at the heart of the old town: The Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

3. The cathedral of the sea

Written by Ildefonso Falcones de Sierra, this book tells of how, because of a riverbank, a cathedral became surrounded by the sea. Set in Barcelona, it makes it easy to become transported to the old city and intensely experience the adventures that unfold during the story.

4. The island of infinite love

If you prefer romantic novels, we recommend this book by Daína Chaviano which tells the story of couples within three immigrant families from different origins and cultures when they arrive in Cuba.

5. Like water for chocolate

The final recommendation is another romantic novel, written by Laura Esquivel, whose story twists around an impossible love affair. This is a literary classic which has even been made into a feature film and which will make you shiver with emotion.

As you can see, there are many choices for you to enjoy on your holiday on this small island. Pack the boot of your economy hire car on El Hierro with the best books and prepare to have an unforgettable escape in the Canaries. Also, remember that with Payless, you can rent your economy car from El Hierro Airport, and you will be able to reach all those hidden corners which will turn your holiday into the best story that you could ever imagine.