3 Sports You Should Try While Visiting Lanzarote


3 Sports You Should Try While Visiting Lanzarote
If youíve been doing a little research, you should know about the many good things waiting for you in Lanzarote: from beautiful beaches to tasty gastronomy, volcanic landscapes and a perfect weather. But did you know this island is also a perfect place to enjoy sports related activities? From diving to golf and mountain biking, there are many popular sports among tourists visiting Lanzarote.

Read through this article brought to you by Payless Ė the inexpensive rent a car in Lanzarote Ė and youíll have a general idea of the best sports related activities on this island.


In a place thatís surrounded by water, itís only natural to try some water sports! Surfing is one of the most popular beach activities for both tourists and locals; you can easily drive your cheap rental car in Lanzarote to the lovely town of Famara, widely known in the region as a mecca for surfers. There, you will find dozens of schools if you need a little help to navigate the waves. If youíre spending several days there, you may want to take the opportunity to get one of these courses and improve your surfing skills. If you just have a few hours to spare, just go for an introductory class and you wonít regret it!


If youíre not happy just surfing over the water surface, here you have a chance to get immersed in the wonderful blue sea! Prepare to be amazed by the beautiful sea beds and the many animal and plant species that live under the idyllic turquoise mantle of the ocean. Grab your cheap rental car in Lanzarote and head to Playa Blanca. In the surroundings there are numerous coves (some as famous as Papagayo) where you can spend a memorable and enjoyable day. Also, if you have energy to spare, we recommend you to try some proper scuba diving with a bottle to really have a chance of exploring the underwater sights.


For those who would rather keep their feet on firm ground, trekking is one of the best available options. The hiking routes in Lanzarote are a bit unusual, since the island lacks vegetation and the weather is usually quite hot. However, there are several interesting trails that you should explore while enjoying the amazing local landscapes. The coastal route of Timanfaya is one of the most spectacular options available; you can leave your cheap rental car in Lanzarote in El Golfo, and walk on the trail from there. This trail is 12 kilometers total and it will take you through the beautiful cove of El Paso, where you can do a little swimming to relax at the end of your trekking session.

Payless brings to the best car rental deals available in Lanzarote! But since you donít want to spend the whole time sitting inside a car, try playing these sports while enjoying your Lanzarote holidays!